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Happy child and parents

We actively take care of the child while giving him or her space to develop.

Love care

In our presence the child feels accepted, safe and reassured.

Kind and responsible nannies

We take care of the child calmly and with the sense of respect, optimism and responsibility.

Help me do it myself

The child is given space for its own development of personality as well as skills. In order to achieve that, we take the role of a buddy and a role model who the child can trust. This way, we help the child to become a mindful, confident, fair and positively minded person who likes himself or herself as well as the environment around.

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Activities with kids

Initiators of activities are mostly children. We will support this given activity. The parent further determines the location where the child will be babysat and gives other basic instructions. The rest depends on an agreement between the child and us.

Game And Fun

Learning through game and fun


School preparation


Trips and accompany to leisure activities

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Happy parents

Ing. Anežka Trefná

My name is Anežka and I am the founder of no stress care. I have been spending time with children since I was a child. I grew up with five siblings and was a member of the 43rd Scout Squad Ztracená Hvězda for 14 years. I started babysitting in families in 2010. Since then, I have gained experience with children aged from three weeks to a younger school age. After several years of practice, I found that my intuitive approach to children corresponds to the Montessori method, so in 2016 I attended a Montessori seminar to learn more about this method. I also completed a retraining course and an exam, on the basis of which I became a certified nanny. In recent years, I have completed 8 weekly mindfulness courses and 11 weekly improvisation courses. I have set no stress care up to help parents to create a happy childhood for their children.

Every age period of a child can enrich me with something. I try to establish a nice, partner, respectful, loving relationship with children, in which they can trust me. I enjoy the fact that I am still learning something new, that I am looking for solutions to previously unresolved situations, that children still surprise me with something. I am happy when I see happy children and their parents.