How satisfied are parents of the children
babysitted by no stress care?

If you look for a professional nanny who can handle your children, you have just found her. Anežka actually not only looks after children, she really takes care of them and she uses discipline in education. She looks after everyone with responsibility as if the child was her own. I admire how she can give children direction when mums are already tired. Anežka communicates with children with respect. Children love her.
Magda B.
We can recommend Anežka because she is reliable. She never cancels appointments and comes exactly on time. She has a modern approach to children - does not let them cry, gives them space, stimulates them. She can put our son to sleep well. I am quite strict about what to do and what not to do with my son. She always meets my requirements in everything.
Markéta N.
Anežka babysits both our children (2.5 years and 9 months) practically from their birth. She has many years of practical experience with babysitting, which she upgrades by additional training courses and activities for childcare. Anežka is a very kind and helpful person. She is highly reliable, flexible, creative and able to set up an interesting program. She can establish a relationship with children while also giving them space. She doesn´t just do everything for them, but rather encourages them to become more independent, offering them a helping hand if needed. Our children love her and always enjoy the time with her. I highly recommend her to everyone!
Anna H.
Anežka is very reliable, very nice and the kids love her. In the spirit of Montessori, "help me do it myself" she gives children space to develop their own games and fantasies. She is always ready to show, to help, to engage, to play.
Tereza S.
Anežka established great contact with our children since the beginning. She is their buddy and respects their tempo. Both of our children love her very much and she evokes sympathy and trust in us.
Petra P.
We are parents of two children who Anežka looked after very often during our 4-year stay in Prague. Anežka is a very organized and responsible babysitter, which is always reassuring for parents. But at the same time, she really loves taking care of children and spends a lot of time playing and chatting with them. She is very patient and friendly with them. She also speaks very good English, which is good for communication with us, as foreigners.
Claire C. and Sylvere J.
Anezka was recommended to us by a friend. She is very sweet, calm and completely reliable. Most important of all, our son is her big fan! Ben P.
Ben P.
We have been in the care of no stress care for a few years now. My children (5, 7, 9 years) are looking forward to the babysitters so much that it almost makes me sad sometimes. Anežka, Kačka and Bára are thanks to their young age and great experiences from their scout groups well equipped for every situation. They have the needed energy and ideas and they are not afraid of almost anything. I am grateful I can leave my children to the babysitters and completely rely on them. My children benefit from their care and I don´t feel bad about not being with them all the time.
Adéla Š.