Get to know our nannies

My team´s happiness is an absolute priority for me. I create a friendly and respectful environment with space for self-realization, success and faults. Our success is motivating for us and we learn from our mistakes.
Anežka Trefná
I like to observe the behavior of children. I like to encourage them and try to develop their creativity and curiosity.
Alena Firchová
Kindness and clear boundaries. These are two values ​​that I consider important when working with children. And one cannot exist without the other.
Dana Firchová
I like how kids are actionable in most things I can think of, whether it's a chat or a game. I like their energy, which charges incredibly fast and almost never discharges. I think I can learn a lot from them, like how to look at the world or be kinder to others or whatever they are able to do.
Kačka Bendová
Children are full of imagination and sincerity. They see the world differently than I do and they want to know and understand it more. I am glad I can participate and see the world from their perspective.
Tereza Jansenová
For me, children are pure souls, full of talents and preconditions that I, as an educator, can develop.
Magdalena Knechtlová
I am interested in how to develop children. I believe that with my good approach I can positively affect their development so that they will grow into a new generation of healthy self-confident, critical-thinking and tolerant people.
Ludmila Uhlířová
I enjoy the positive energy and sincerity of children, inventing various activities for time together and playing with them. I would like to help in the child's development and I like to learn new things.
Nikola Ondroušková
The child's world fulfills me with joy and teaches me patience and responsibility. I like the phrase: upbringing is a matter of the heart.
Iva Kroftová
Children are a great inspiration to me and I like to spend time with them. I like their worldview and inexhaustible energy.
Hana Tichá
Work with children teaches me to listen and perceive what they themselves will not say. At the same time, they give me the opportunity to experience moments reminiscent of my own childhood.
Barbora Anna Polesná
I enjoy that with children we can easily forget problems of "adult" life and we are here and now.
Veronika Peksová
I enjoy working with children for their openness, authenticity, return to my childhood and awareness of the world through their perception. I have feeling we can learn from each other with our children.
Tereza Gabrielová
I enjoy working with children because I can support them and observe how they improve their skills with enthusiasm, little things bring them joy and they have an extraordinary imagination and creativity that they are not afraid to express.
Martina Mlynářová
Time spent with children gives me meaning. Their honest, pure joy and directness of emotions can give me energy even on the most tireless day. I enjoy how eager he is to learn new things and how much new things we can pass on to each other.
Barbora Hálková
orking with children always fills me with the children's sincerity and innocence. I think if we treat them nicely, they will treat others nicely. At the same time, I realize that I can also take something away from the children.
Štěpánka Pokorná
The main thing is to conceive everything new in a fun and attractive way, so that the child develops naturally and above all enjoys the new.
Kristýna Lundáková
Dětský svět je plný upřímnosti, je čistý, děti žijí teď a tady. Baví mě pozorovat jejich nadšení téměř pro všechno a myslím si, že jako dospělí se od nich v mnoha ohledech máme co naučit.
Anna Kořínková